Justice Brothers U-Pick FAQs

What are your hours?

Our pumpkin patch - featuring Arizona grown pumpkins including specialty looks, will run Friday, Oct. 18, through at least Friday, Nov. 1. For hours and more details, please check the Justice Brothers U-Pick Facebook page

We plan to open for the 2019-20 citrus U-Pick season in the first weekend of December.

How do I get there?

Justice Brothers U-Pick
18800 W. Greenway Rd.
Surprise, AZ 85388

Just head west on Greenway Road from the Loop 303 until the blacktop ends.
From our main gate you simply follow the signs!


How does the U-Pick work?

From the parking area, head to the table with the fruit! This is where you can taste some of the over 75 varieties we have in the orchard, get an orchard map, ask any questions, buy your bag (and honey!), and get your pickers and wheel barrows.

You buy the bag up front, then head out into the orchard to pick your fruit. We have flat-price bags, and you can mix and match varieties in a single bag. Read on for pricing.

What does it cost?

Customers buy a bag up front, and head to our orchard to fill it up. Small bags are $10, and large bags are $20.

justice brothers upick honey.jpg

We also feature local citrus - desert blossom honey.

It’s made from our trees by the bees at the U-Pick.

Our 8 oz bottles of honey are $6; our 16 oz bottles are $11; and our 2-pound jars are $22. A $1 bottle deposit is included in the price, so bring it back when it’s empty and get a dollar off your next one!

We also have two sizes of comb honey available: 1/2 pound for $11, and 1 pound for $20.

Where do I park?

Be sure to park outside the fence in the marked parking are, next to the other vehicles. Please don’t drive inside the fence; that’s where the people are!

What should I wear?

While we’re no fashion experts, we do recommend comfortable, closed-toe footwear. We also suggest hats and sunscreen as we move into spring.

Gloves aren’t necessary, but they do help when you’re picking a lot of fruit or going after some of our thornier varieties, like lemons.

And don’t forget to bring water!

Can I have a photo shoot in the orchard?

Please use our contact form or email Selwyn Justice at justice@justicebrothersupick.com for rates and availability.

Do you host field trips at the U-Pick?

We do offer field trips! Please use our contact form or email Selwyn Justice at justice@justicebrothersupick.com.

What citrus varieties can I pick?

We have over 75 varieties in our orchard - check out the U-Pick Varieties page for more.

I want to be a vendor at one of your events. What should I do?

Reach out to Justice Brothers U-Pick on Facebook Messenger. We’ll let you know if we have an opening, and add you to the list of folks we reach out to for new events.

I want to buy a high volume of fruit, such as cartons or bins. What should I do?

Email Selwyn Justice at justice@justicebrothersupick.com for varieties available and pricing.